Executive insights Commentaries

19 Mar 2019
Technology develops to make things more efficient, and restaurant tech is no different, according to RestoConnection.
19 Feb 2019
Access Hospitality Business Development Manager Max Carruthers offers advice on using technology for facilities maintenance and putting your business in a winning position.
19 Feb 2019
Revenue Management Solutions Managing Director Philipp Laqué provides an overview of tech "revolutions" that brands should consider.
29 Jan 2019
RestoConnection discusses the benefits and challenges of installing self-service kiosks.
15 Jan 2019
QSR Automations Content Marketing Specialist Dylan Chadwick provides tips on how to guarantee "perfect" guest testimonials.
18 Dec 2018
QSR Automations Vice President of Sales Ashley Sheppard looks at the tech-driven convenience options which are set to continue to influence modern restaurant trends next year.
18 Dec 2018
LOKE CEO Matthew Khoury makes the case for mobile to maximise returns.
11 Dec 2018
Sarah Munday, head of NPD at Mizkan, discusses how following a more environmentally-friendly approach also benefits the brands that abide by it too.
27 Nov 2018
Revenue Management Solutions Managing Director Philipp Laqué offers his take on getting a menu right for operators.
12 Nov 2018
Mizkan, the brand behind Branston and Sarson’s, advises operators on how they can capitalise on them during the season.
22 Oct 2018
With new restaurants opening what seems like every other day and more and more shoppers going online, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important.
2 Oct 2018
Revenue Management Solutions managing director Philipp Laqué discusses how operators can ensure their menus are optimised to make a profit this Christmas.
3 Jul 2018
Written by Mizkan Head of Marketing Lorna Kimberley.
19 Jun 2018
QSR Automations Content Marketing Specialist Dylan Chadwick offers advice for restaurant operators on how to deal with negative reviews to continue to drive footfall into their venues.
6 Jun 2018
elementsuite CEO Steve Elcock discusses why it's the future for engaging and developing teams within the hospitality industry.
22 May 2018
Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, says in the UK: We’re used to turning to the US to see what the latest market trends might be.
15 May 2018
Veganism has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in recent years.
15 May 2018
Written by Dora Furman, vice president, Revenue Management Solutions.
20 Nov 2017
Written by Kevin Greene, International Product Manager, CBE Software.
13 Nov 2017
Written by Philip Harrison, president and managing director of Harrison.
2 Nov 2017
Written by Mike Rich, global marketing director of the ENTERTAINER.
15 Aug 2017
Find out what Livingbridge advises for a restaurant operator looking to grow.