21 May 19
The renowned chef and food writer will oversee all of Byron’s food and drink recipes.
6 May 19
He will replace Andy McCue.
30 Apr 19
He will replace outgoing executive Steve Richards.
29 Apr 19
The appointment comes as the company expands its perks platform for restaurant partners.
16 Apr 19
She will continue to sit on the UCC Europe's board.
16 Apr 19
He will be tasked with overseeing the company’s technology initiatives.
11 Apr 19
She will also become chair of its audit committee.
8 Apr 19
Farquhar was previously managing partner at Grey London.
2 Apr 19
The burger chain currently operates 53 restaurants across the UK.
29 Mar 19
Linhardt previously served as senior vice president for marketing in Subway.
25 Mar 19
He will chair the board's audit committee.
22 Mar 19
He will start on April 8.
15 Mar 19
She joins from The Ivy Collection and has worked for a number of casual dining restaurant groups.
14 Mar 19
Steve Richards will be leaving the business at the end of May 2019.
9 Mar 19
She has been promoted from her position as operations director.
8 Mar 19
A search for a replacement non-executive director is ongoing.
19 Feb 19
The group expects McCue to remain until a replacement is found.
19 Feb 19
He will assume the post by 11 March.
14 Feb 19
Ben Fordman also serves as co-owner of the new concept.
4 Feb 19
Gibbs has been with the company for 29 years.
22 Jan 19
Chief customer officer Peter Duffy will be the interim chief executive.
22 Jan 19
Hopkins gained experience working for Ferndale Foods and Greencore.
22 Jan 19
Aside from the retirement, the company also appointed a new CFO and lead operating partner.
15 Jan 19
The new appointment is intended to the ensure the company broadens its service beyond cities whilst continuing global expansion with the launch of...
14 Jan 19
He held positions in hotels and restaurants such as Lanesborough Hotel and Lasarte.
14 Jan 19
The new recruits were from The Restaurant Group and Fulham Shore respectively.
8 Jan 19
Ansell held senior positions in Casual Dining Group, The Restaurant Group and Compass.
8 Jan 19
Ben Eilliot will be working with businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors for the initiative.
7 Jan 19
The news comes after they have assigned a new auditor.
21 Dec 18
Iley will be responsible for all store operations as well as sales of branded products to other retail partners.
21 Dec 18
Two of the executives have been with the company for more than 10 years.
18 Dec 18
He has replaced Martin Robinson who held the position since 2014.
18 Dec 18
Varughese has been working in the company for 16 years.
11 Dec 18
The news comes after a series of departures in the past twelve months.
11 Dec 18
The change will take effect next month.
11 Dec 18
Aside from foodservice, Boizot also had affiliations in the music and sports industry.
11 Dec 18
She assumed the position in late 2016.
5 Dec 18
This marks another top management chance for the chain weeks after it appointed a new CEO.
27 Nov 18
Somers held the position for 3 years.
21 Nov 18
She will be replaced by their UK & Ireland CEO Simon Smith.