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Founded in 1964 in Salford, Dinaclass has grown from a regional business to an insight-led market leading brand. From traditional curry, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives with sultanas or without – there’s something for all your customers. Thanks to this winning combination, Dinaclass is now one of the top out of home chip shop curry brands in the UK. With a menu solution for every application, The Dinaclass range provides great taste and even tastier profits.

Get Ready For Summer with Angelito & DaVinci Gourmet

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and keeping ahead of their wants and needs by adapting your menu accordingly is vital to maintaining success over what looks to be a partiuclarly busy summer ahead. With an ever-expanding array of dessert offerings available, operators can’t simply rely on increasing the number of items on their menu to appeal to the broad range of demand, and it isn’t a cost effective approach in appealling to each consumer need either. 

Unsurprisingly, ice cream is still as popular as ever and increases more in popularity as the temperature outside rises. Nostalgic dessert offerings like jaffa cake, peanut butter and jelly or toffee have become mainstays in dessert parlours everywhere, proving that nostalgia is here to stay. Whether it’s a classic Eton Mess or old-school S’mores on a Stick, most outlets across the UK feature this trend towards nostalgia on their menus. 

A large part of this inclination to try different flavour mashups and mixtures lies in the enjoyment from choosing unique combinations that suit personal tastes and preferences. Specifically, nostalgia falls under a broader trend towards comfort & certainty. As the Summer months draw closer, operators should look at providing consumers with the opportunity to get more more for their money, and indulge in something familiar to them that will pull on nostalgic heart strings.

To take advantage of these trends, operators should look to offer a simple but cost effective way of offering their customers the range of flavour combinations that they’re now looking for. Operators should consider offering one single ice cream base which can be easily adapted, developed and customised with the introduction of exiting and nostalgic flavours and sauces. Applying this base across all of an operators ice cream, milkshake, sundae or freskshake menu items  can be a cost effective and easily accessible approach for operators to tackle the need for more customisation on menus, and enables great potential for upselling through these desserts.

As well as the traditional ice cream offering, ice cream shakes also remain on trend and can be an ideal cooling treat to take away during a warm summer afternoon. But again, the key to creating a popular shake menu is to allow your customers to customise their shakes with a variety of flavours and toppings. Offering this wide range of choice lets customers be in control whilst also appealing to those with different and unconventional tastes. Some may opt for an ever-popular strawberry shake whilst others prefer a coffee based shake, it’s vital to offer a range of combination options to suit customers’ individual needs. 

Kerrymaid Angelito remains at the forefront of nostalgic flavour innovation, and a popular choice within QSR channels. A market leader in the soft serve ice cream category and loved by consumers for over 40 years, Kerrymaid Angelito delivers the highest number of servings per litre of any ice cream brand. Kerrymaid Angelito offers a great yield, guaranteeing your outlet excellent profit margins and providing a consistently tasty treat to customers during the Summer. 

Offering greater versatility to operators, Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix provides the unique taste of Irish dairy with a smooth texture that customers will be familiar with. Crucially, Kerrymaid Angelito can be used across multiple applications and it provides the perfect base on which to build flavour combinations personalised to individual tastes, especially relevant given consumer uptake in dishes which can be customised.  

Pairing Kerrymaid Angelito with the expansive DaVinci Drizzles range is a tasty and cost effective way to add that element of personalisation to your dessert offering. Ideal for drizzling over sundaes and ice cream shakes, the DaVinci Drizzles portfolio can wonderfully complement a Kerrymaid Angelito base. Research suggests that millennial consumers have embraced menu items from their childhood, namely the 80s and 90s. 

An indulgent Caramel Sauce, a Toffee with Devon Cream or zesty Sicilian Lemon flavours are some of the great range flavours available with the DaVinci Gourmet Drizzles range.  Providing a wide selection of drzzles for your ice cream base can take customers back in time with flavour blends that can provide the perfect opportunity to maximise your dessert offering and boost your seasonal ice cream sales.

No matter your customers’ needs, pairing Kerrymaid Angelito base with the DaVinci Gourmet Drizzles range can help you to create inspiring dessert menus that push the boundaries of your craft in every serve.

For inspiration, combine Kerrymaid Angelito & DaVinci Gourmet with a colourful and nostalgic Eton Mess Sundae, offering a refreshing flavour and sentimental comfort to enjoy in the sun this Summer…


1.5l Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream

150ml DaVinci Strawberry Sauce

200g Meringue

150ml Kerrymaid Double

250g Strawberries

50g Mint


1. Hull and split the strawberries.

2. Pick mint sprigs

3. Drizzle the inside of a sundae glass with DaVinci Strawberry Sauce.

4. Drop in a few strawberries and some crushed meringue.

5. Half fill with Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream.

6. Add more strawberries, sauce and meringue.

7. Fill with Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream.

8. Top with strawberries, meringue with a drizzle of DaVinci Strawberry

Sauce and a sprig of mint.

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