Food Services

10 Jun 19
The new outlet has seatings for ten customers and features a rebranded look.
4 Jun 19
The chain says they are currently reviewing the results from the new packaging.
28 May 19
The service is available to locations within a 2.5 mile radius.
19 Apr 19
According to the group, this will be the largest food hall in the UK.
8 Apr 19
Direct Seafoods encouraged customers to use farmed fish sourced from both Scotland and Norway instead.
28 Mar 19
Vinegar Yard will officially open on April 3.
21 Mar 19
The upcoming site is located at 1 The Cut.
20 Mar 19
The new Crussh kiosk is located at City University.
20 Mar 19
The partnership lasted until earlier this year.
20 Mar 19
Last year’s disruption was due to a switch from suppliers Bidvest Logistics to DHL.
12 Mar 19
The new range of ready-to-drink beverages are set to launch mid-year.
5 Mar 19
The street food brand began trading on 4 March.
25 Sep 18
The food delivery company expects that this will attract thousands of companies to sign up for the platform.
18 Sep 18
The new online business can be delivered to other countries as well.
4 Sep 18
The decision is said to be made after an increasing demand in late-night orders.
22 Aug 18
Their growth is said to be driven by menu innovations and to-go and delivery services.
13 Aug 18
Another store is expected to open at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre in a few weeks.
10 Aug 18
This will be their third location following their outlets in Park Lane and Brompton.
9 Aug 18
Study shows that only 45% of Brits have the confidence to administer first-aid.
9 Aug 18
The crepe stand is stationed nearby its restaurant at Artillery Passage.
7 Aug 18
The new site will be the choux pastry specialist patisserie's largest one to date.
7 Aug 18
They will fund the purchase with a new €300 million debt facility and a €100 million equity fundraise.
7 Aug 18
The Mexican chain is also celebrating its 10th anniversary, promising more stores to come.
7 Aug 18
This is the brand's 22nd site overall.
7 Aug 18
The fast food giant made the announcement not long after their outlets in America did the same with the cyclospora parasite.
7 Aug 18
Find out more about their perspective on the status of food delivery in the UK.
30 Jul 18
Find out why they believe their subscription model is a fairer option for restaurants.
25 Jul 18
The sachets are biodegradable, compostable and edible.
25 Jul 18
The sandwich chain continues to look for ways to cut its dependence on plastic.
25 Jul 18
The new online ordering system delivers large orders to Central London.
25 Jul 18
The company is opening a new store in the Bluewater Shopping Centre.
18 Jul 18
There are currently nine Subway sites located within Gillett’s Callington's SPAR stores.
18 Jul 18
This marks the fourth site of the healthy food chain.
18 Jul 18
The chain is offering boxed salads and nachos for a limited time.
18 Jul 18
The site, located on Shaftesbury Avenue, reverted as a LEON store.
18 Jul 18
The newly-launched store is located at Brixton's Electric Lane.
18 Jul 18
The U.S. cult burger chain came to the city for a day.
13 Jul 18
More bakery counters in Sainsbury’s supermarkets will be offering the brand’s luxury patisserie and cakes by the end of September...
13 Jul 18
The sustainability initiative will be tested starting July 26.
13 Jul 18
One was their first store opening outside central London.