Food Services

2 Mar 21
Areas of focus will include championing the nutritional benefits of kebabs.
2 Feb 21
The chain said the signs were displayed in error.
3 Nov 20
Brands continue to diversify revenue streams.
3 Nov 20
The move offers a snapshot into the chain’s growth into retail channels.
21 Jul 20
The three new trucks ordered by the bakery chain are expected to contribute to lower environmental impact and reduce operating costs of their...
7 Jul 20
The service is being trialled at their Burger King outlet in South Mimms.
19 May 20
The service includes their on-site brands and the company’s Burger King outlets.
17 Mar 20
The concept now has ten outlets overall.
10 Mar 20
The chain operates nine shops across Northumberland.
3 Mar 20
This is the food-to-go group’s first airport outlet.
3 Mar 20
Sushi on Jones, Temple of Seitan and Pomelo are some of the brands joining the food venue.
24 Feb 20
Coca Cola HBC has eyed to launch the drinks range in at least ten markets.
24 Feb 20
The new delivery service saves parents from the stress of preparing their kids’ lunch meals.
18 Feb 20
The bakery chain is launching in five of the supermarket stores in England.
7 Feb 20
The concept first opened in July 2019.
7 Feb 20
The new food outlets will feature mobile “order at table” services.
28 Jan 20
The dipping pots have a shelf life of seven days.
28 Jan 20
Around 10 YO!’s products will be featured in the new food concept.
21 Jan 20
The grocery chain also has a partnership with Crussh.
14 Jan 20
The supermarket company plans to open 150 “Food for Now” counters by the end of the year.
10 Jan 20
The kiosk is set to launch in 10 Asda stores in February.
8 Jan 20
The retail range features a selection of the vegan healthpots and wraps.
19 Dec 19
The concept serves an all-day menu which features the celebrity chef’s signature dishes.
26 Nov 19
The kiosks offer made-to-order sushi and ready-made meals.
25 Nov 19
The new food space will also feature Lafayette music venue and Sweetwater bar.
22 Nov 19
The delivery platform has organised over 9,500 corporate events in the UK.
14 Nov 19
The sandwich giant has more than 800 stores in non-traditional locations across the UK and Ireland.
12 Nov 19
The sachets naturally biodegrade in six weeks.
5 Nov 19
The chain has 80 stores throughout the UK.
28 Oct 19
The unit is equipped with self-service kiosks, a first for the brand.
22 Oct 19
More concepts are expected to be rolled out in the coming months.
21 Oct 19
The partnership will kickstart with the chain’s upcoming 43rd UK restaurant.
14 Oct 19
Greenpeace says soya use is “one of the biggest drivers of deforestation worldwide”.
3 Sep 19
This follows the conducted trials in two Extra hypermarkets in October 2018.
13 Aug 19
The chain spent £7m for the initiative.
13 Aug 19
The coffee chain will introduce a tiny new “small” cup.
1 Aug 19
Bidfresh believes consumers are going to be asking “tougher questions” on the matter when dining out.
30 Jul 19
The partnership will be Voilà’s first collaboration with a UK speciality coffee roaster.
23 Jul 19
The items are available for pick-up or delivery via Deliveroo.
23 Jul 19
Multiple FRASERS stores are expected to open across the UK over the next five years.