20 Apr 21
Recent declines in prices may end, with Brexit and COVID set to remain as key factors.
19 Apr 21
More pubs have returned quicker than restaurants.
19 Apr 21
Restaurants, pubs and bars’ at-home orders in March were more than triple compared to pre-pandemic levels.
13 Apr 21
A survey from Tide reveals rebuilding a customer base as the biggest challenge for operators.
29 Mar 21
However, a “significant” number of these sites may be unlikely to trade from mid-April due to space limitations and staffing costs...
23 Mar 21
Data from the company indicates that £2.3 billion was spent at Britain’s 2,000 quick service restaurants.
22 Mar 21
Independent businesses have borne the brunt of closures.
22 Mar 21
Virtual and augmented reality technology are also increasingly attractive to younger adults.
16 Mar 21
Respondents expect workforces will return to 79% of their previous scale by July 2021.
16 Mar 21
This is despite greater cost reductions and smaller profits.
16 Mar 21
The channels’ growth is expected to continue as reopening looms.
2 Mar 21
Outdoor trading from mid-April is expected to offer little benefit.
9 Feb 21
A wave of restructuring is forecasted to continue in the restaurant sector.
2 Feb 21
This is the second year in a row for the signature item.
2 Feb 21
A new report from CGA highlights major opportunities for hospitality businesses to secure couples’ at-home spend.
28 Jan 21
Sales from October to December 2020 were worth £14.3 billion.
26 Jan 21
Mintel expects momentum to return to the plant-based industry.
19 Jan 21
IGD predicts the movements expected to shape global retail this year.
12 Jan 21
Insights agency The NPD Group expects operators to invest in the channel.
17 Dec 20
New data from Vita Mojo has revealed a “prodigious” shift in the way customers are engaging with hospitality brands as a response...
17 Dec 20
The insights agency sees significant opportunity for the food industry to shift consumers’ mindsets around the two categories....
17 Dec 20
We look back at the highs and lows of the UK multi-site restaurant industry these past twelve months.
9 Dec 20
However, the data suggests that the continuation of the furlough scheme has softened the blow.
8 Dec 20
Single-site businesses were suggested to be at greater risk of failure.
1 Dec 20
Shoppers are also concerned about the potential cost issues after Brexit.
24 Nov 20
Consumers are expected to eat out when the second lockdown is lifted.
24 Nov 20
Food and drinks, in contrast, are expected to experience the biggest increase in spending this year.
10 Nov 20
There has also been a 21% drop in overall staff headcount compared to October 2019.
3 Nov 20
Sales for the 12 months to the end of September totalled £80.3bn.
3 Nov 20
It now has over 10,000 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants available on the platform.
27 Oct 20
The new research comes amidst increasing prevalence for contactless ordering in hospitality venues.
23 Oct 20
Year-on-year sales have been halved in middle-tier areas of England.
20 Oct 20
This is despite delivery’s share of restaurant sales increasing.
29 Sep 20
34% of adults say they are more likely to invite friends back to their house after 10pm.
29 Sep 20
IGD predicts that the whole food-to-go sector will decline by 43% to £10.8bn in 2020.
15 Sep 20
11.5 million trips were made by new customers in August.
15 Sep 20
Younger adults are more likely to press on with their plans to go out.
15 Sep 20
Operators are urged to lead the way in helping instill confidence in their COVID-19 measures.
8 Sep 20
IGD says there are some key opportunities for retailers and suppliers to target new at home occasions.
18 Aug 20
More Brits are expected to avail of the scheme before it ends.