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Founded in 1964 in Salford, Dinaclass has grown from a regional business to an insight-led market leading brand. From traditional curry, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives with sultanas or without – there’s something for all your customers. Thanks to this winning combination, Dinaclass is now one of the top out of home chip shop curry brands in the UK. With a menu solution for every application, The Dinaclass range provides great taste and even tastier profits.

A Curry for Everyone – Making More from Dinaclass

For fish and chip shop operators, the search is always on for the inspiration that will help them to drive footfall within their outlet and increase revenue by making fish and chips relevant all week, every week.

Offering options that relate to all dayparts besides dinner, such as more portable snacks and on-the-go options is vital in driving the increased footfall that QSR operators are looking for. 

If you add to this the fact that around a quarter of consumers opt for curry sauce on their fish and chips (YouGov2020), stocking the right curry sauces for your consumer-base is critical to taking advantage of curry sauce’s popularity within QSRs. The needs of consumers must be front of mind when considering what to stock in your outlet, constantly re-shaping the menu with new and innovative dishes. Putting consumers at the heart of reasoning ensures that operators can always respond to their ever-changing needs. 

With Dinaclass’ portfolio of sauces, operators can add extra value to every order, ideal as an add-on with fish and chips, chicken, pies and loaded chips. Dinaclass has a full solution of regional curries and gravies that suit every consumer need and flavour preference, and the success of this range is testament to Dinaclass’ excellent quality and popularity within fish & chip shops. 

Over the last few years, consumers have changed the way that they purchase food in the QSR channel, with online and app-based ordering becoming more relevant than ever before since the pandemic. Fundamentally, consumers are no longer waiting around for their food, and having a range of sauces that are quick and easy to distribute is more important than ever, providing optimal performance for both takeaway and delivery formats.

Every one of Dinaclass’ sauces and gravies are available in a powdered format, easily mixed and prepared ahead of a busy service. With simple to follow measurements and ratios, Dinaclass’ pre-prepared powders can be stirred with water, brought to the boil and simmered in just a number of minutes. Offering both great taste and convenience, Dinaclass’ sauces can be transferred to a Bain Marie and swiftly served up so that no consumer is left waiting – the perfect option to prepare ahead of a busy shop opening or for fast results mid-service. 

But for outlets that do not have a Bain Marie, Dinaclass Microwave Curry is the perfect option and perfect to have in reserve if your standard curry mix runs out. Another advantage of using Dinaclass Microwave Curry for lower volume outlets is that individual pots can be prepared, refrigerated, and microwaved as needed.

The range doesn’t stop at curry sauce either, with Dinaclass Gravy delivering simplicity and quality to operators, as well as great taste to consumers. Easy to consume on-the-go, gravy is a particularly popular chip accompaniment in the North of the UK and close to a quarter of Northerners order gravy to pour over their Fish and Chips. With the inclusion of Chip Shop Gravy as well as its Original Gravy Mix, Dinaclass has grown its brand and product portfolio from strength to strength. By creating the products consumers want, and making them simple to prepare, Dinaclass is committed to helping QSR businesses nationwide maximise their menu potential and boost profits. 

Within QSRs, parties that order with younger children account for around 43% of all Fish and Chip servings, and it is well documented that younger consumers are increasingly looking for more unfamiliar and adventurous flavours when selecting their curry sauces. There is a growing move amongst consumers towards more international flavours and unfamiliar tastes that appeal to a wider range of exploratory flavour palettes and spice levels.

Offering a portfolio of sauces to add value to every order and every need, Dinaclass can help operators to tap into this trend simply and easily. Extremely reliable and easy to use, Dinaclass sauces are carefully blended from quality ingredients, creating unique mouth-watering flavours and spice blends. With a Gluten Free Curry Sauce available within the range, Dinaclass ensures that there is a curry for everyone, offering a halal and vegan option that appeals to a broader range of consumer needs. It is no wonder that for every second that passes, a pot of Dinaclass Curry Sauce is sold in the UK.

Specifically, Dinaclass’ Irish Curry sauce has seen a surge in popularity over the last year amongst younger consumers looking for a hotter kick that offers both the classic flavour of an Irish Curry Sauce alongside a stronger spice level than the milder sauce. Dinaclass has even expanded its portfolio this year with the launch of Dinaclass Chinese Curry Sauce Mix, in a flavoursome and spicy red Chinese style. This new and improved recipe delivers an authentic and on-trend spiced, oriental flavour which QSR customers will love.

Upselling within QSR is a simple and effective way to increase profits by tempting consumers with a tasty side dish or add-on. By stocking a variety of exciting and dynamic flavour blends that can be marinaded over meats as a base sauce or used as dips and toppings for cheesy nachos, there are a multitude of different applications for Dinaclass’ range that will appeal to those who are increasingly looking for more exciting or spicier flavour combinations.

But with 45% of Fish and Chip servings being to consumers over the age of 50, it’s important to stock a variety of curry sauce options available to suit every changing consumer need. You don’t have to stock them all, and Dinaclass recommends stocking at least one or two flavour variations from across range such as a Mild Curry Sauce Mix alongside the newest Chinese Curry Sauce Mix, guaranteeing a curry sauce that suits the tastes of every consumer.

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