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Founded in 1964 in Salford, Dinaclass has grown from a regional business to an insight-led market leading brand. From traditional curry, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives with sultanas or without – there’s something for all your customers. Thanks to this winning combination, Dinaclass is now one of the top out of home chip shop curry brands in the UK. With a menu solution for every application, The Dinaclass range provides great taste and even tastier profits.

Cheesy does it

Whether looking to top a toastie, fill a sandwich or finish a burger, Kerrymaid Slices add taste and texture to a range of fast food favourites.

Delivering a rich and creamy taste, Kerrymaid Slices pair perfectly with cold sandwiches, wraps and rolls, but add them to hot dishes and they really come into their own, giving an even melt and a smooth finish to burgers, toasties and paninis.

Combining quality and consistency with an easy-peel format, Kerrymaid Slices are loved by chefs in busy takeaways and restaurants, who have three varieties to choose from. Kerrymaid Original Slices deliver a rich, creamy taste with 112 slices per pack, while Kerrymaid Ribbon Slices offer the convenience and flexibility of being cut to size to suit different dishes. Both varieties are vegetarian and gluten free. 

For operators wanting to serve vegan meals without compromising on quality, Kerrymaid Vegan Slices offer the same great taste as Original Slices but as a plant-based alternative. 

Made using a blend of coconut oil, starch and pea protein, they also benefit
from the same texture and melt associated with Kerrymaid Original Slices,
ensuring all customers can enjoy this filling favourite. Vegetarian Society
‘Vegan’ approved, Kerrymaid Vegan Slices are gluten free and available with 56 slices in a pack.

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