8 Jan 19
The move is said to be part of their commitment to reduce non-recyclable waste throughout their stores.
21 Dec 18
We’re taking the time off.
18 Dec 18
They also announced that they ended the year with 10,000 more delivery riders.
4 Dec 18
This is part of their initiative to reduce plastic waste.
27 Nov 18
The proceeds have said to have already helped 30 people with serious illnesses.
13 Nov 18
Two weeks have now passed since staff are asking customers about their food allergies.
30 Oct 18
The brand's second crowdfunding initiative offers an 8% interest return annually for four years.
23 Oct 18
The chain further aims to create more sustainability initiatives after banning plastic straws last year.
16 Oct 18
The chain will be presenting promotions to support the police, firefighters and National Health Service workers.
16 Oct 18
The location of the coffee shop site used to house a historical bookshop owned by him.
8 Oct 18
The coffee chain says they want to be a single-use plastic-free business by 2020.
11 Sep 18
Transport for Edinburgh says that this will attract a broad range of residents, visitors, commuters and students.
4 Sep 18
The supermarket now joins the sustainability trend of banning disposable plastic items.
31 Aug 18
The programme is set to launch in five countries, with plans to expand to other markets in the future.
22 Aug 18
The number of responses to the Treasury’s call to reduce single-use plastic is said to be the largest in their history.
22 Aug 18
Prior donations from the company have helped over 540 families.
14 Aug 18
Research reveals that 59% of shoppers doesn’t carry refillable bottles.
14 Aug 18
The coffee chain found out that 6 out 10 adults in UK have less conversations compared to ten years ago.
14 Aug 18
They turned to a crowdfunding platform to raise £200,000 in exchange for 11.61% equity.
31 Jul 18
The bakery & coffee-shop concept plans to expand by 2019.
30 Jul 18
The brand initially aimed to raise £200,000.
13 Jul 18
The Australian hospitality group currently has nine sites across Central London.
26 Jun 18
The multi-site has a maximum fund target of £1 million.
26 Jun 18
The growing coffee shop and wine bar concept started as a coffee cart in 2010.
12 Jun 18
The celebrations will run from June 30 to July 6.
25 May 18
The global coffee brand is also celebrating its 20th year in the UK.
1 May 18
Over 40 companies have signed a pact to reduce plastic pollution over the next seven years.
17 Apr 18
The nationwide celebration raises money to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world.
22 Mar 18
It pledges $10m to establish a groundbreaking consortium to launch the NextGen Cup Challenge.
20 Mar 18
It commits to a 31% reduction in emissions intensity across its supply chain by 2030 from 2015 levels.
19 Mar 18
Over 7,000 customers responded to the blog post of Pret's CEO Clive Schlee and 80% believe it’s a good idea.
13 Mar 18
The partnership will expand the organization’s Gulmakai Network of education champions in India and Latin America.
6 Mar 18
Team members from around 300 stores across the country will join a nationwide army of #LitterHeroes.
6 Mar 18
The Food Standards Agency published details of a major review into the sites where meat products are processed and stored in the UK.
6 Mar 18
37 sites of Jamie’s Italian will be deploying Checkit to digitise key processes operated by restaurant staff, including food safety.
6 Mar 18
It helped seven McDonald's locations to reduce its waste collection costs by 12% in six months.
20 Feb 18
It announced the company’s long-term global growth plan to impact children’s meals.
19 Feb 18
It announced the removal of plastic straws from all stores, as well as the introduction of reusable cup discount.
6 Feb 18
A high street retailer observed an increase in eco-friendly and reusable coffee cup sales before the announcement of the report.