Executive insights

18 Dec 18
QSR Automations Vice President of Sales Ashley Sheppard looks at the tech-driven convenience options which are set to continue to influence modern...
18 Dec 18
LOKE CEO Matthew Khoury makes the case for mobile to maximise returns.
11 Dec 18
Sarah Munday, head of NPD at Mizkan, discusses how following a more environmentally-friendly approach also benefits the brands that abide by it...
27 Nov 18
Revenue Management Solutions Managing Director Philipp Laqué offers his take on getting a menu right for operators.
27 Nov 18
Market research company IGD lists down their learnings in their Food-To-Go 2018 event.
12 Nov 18
Mizkan, the brand behind Branston and Sarson’s, advises operators on how they can capitalise on them during the season.
22 Oct 18
With new restaurants opening what seems like every other day and more and more shoppers going online, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly...
18 Oct 18
Hospitality and catering operators should take steps to ‘Brexit-proof' their businesses, buying specialist Lynx Purchasing advised....
2 Oct 18
Revenue Management Solutions managing director Philipp Laqué discusses how operators can ensure their menus are optimised to make a...
3 Jul 18
Written by Mizkan Head of Marketing Lorna Kimberley.
19 Jun 18
QSR Automations Content Marketing Specialist Dylan Chadwick offers advice for restaurant operators on how to deal with...
6 Jun 18
elementsuite CEO Steve Elcock discusses why it's the future for engaging and developing teams within the hospitality industry.
22 May 18
Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, says in the UK: We’re used to turning to the US to see what the latest market trends might be.
15 May 18
Veganism has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in recent years.
15 May 18
Written by Dora Furman, vice president, Revenue Management Solutions.
8 May 18
Tech offers a way to find new solutions to customer pain points, from managing queues to taking payments.
16 Apr 18
Written by Lee Leet, CEO of QSR Automations.
29 Jan 18
The specialist is launching a new insight guide titled The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Purchasing Teams.
23 Jan 18
The NPD Group shows that 28% of visits to the out of home (OOH) market involves some form of deal or promotion, this amounts to 3 billion visits a...
20 Nov 17
Written by Kevin Greene, International Product Manager, CBE Software.
14 Nov 17
Nutritionist and registered dietitian Emily Field encourages clients to think about macronutrients when they choose a meal.
14 Nov 17
The NPD Group has revealed burgers are the second food product ordered in the foodservice industry, behind sandwiches.
13 Nov 17
Written by Philip Harrison, president and managing director of Harrison.
2 Nov 17
Written by Mike Rich, global marketing director of the ENTERTAINER.
31 Oct 17
Times are getting tougher in the QSR and fast casual space, with recent weeks seeing reports of GBK pulling back on expansion plans and Byron...
24 Oct 17
Here, IGD’s Shopper Insight Manager, Rhian Thomas, takes a look at what shoppers want from their food-to-go purchases beyond food and drink...
17 Oct 17
QSR Media spoke with Crepeaffaire to discuss the brand's footprint, and plans for new products and expansion in the UK and abroad.
15 Aug 17
Find out what Livingbridge advises for a restaurant operator looking to grow.
28 Jul 17
Operators are now tapping into technology to streamline their activities.
20 Jul 17
As uncertainty brought by Brexit sets in, the UK finds itself in turbulence.
4 Jul 17
Starbucks Coffee Company, EMEA, filed accounts for the year ending October 2, 2016.
9 May 17
Following on from the opening of Leon's West End singing restaurant, QSR sat down with Brand and Marketing Director Kirsty Saddler to find out...
24 Apr 17
Following on from the announcement of Telepizza's first UK store, QSR spoke with Giorgio Minardi, International President of Telepizza, about...
18 Apr 17
2017 is going to be a busy one for Subway as they are looking to introduce a raft of new products to freshen up their menu and compete more...
4 Apr 17
Kevin Johnson counts a timepiece from the late 19th century and a book from the early 21st century among his most treasured possessions.
14 Mar 17
Danny Potter, CEO of Ordamo reveals his secrets to embracing the power of customer feedback.
14 Feb 17
Abokado, the leading healthy eating chain, announced its 29th site near Canary Wharf.
8 Nov 16
Customers and staff were struck by the winter vomiting bug.
25 Oct 16
Since opening its doors in Noting Hill in 2004, Hummingbird Bakery has been taken to the capital's heart, riding the cupcake wave and beyond...
17 Oct 16
Earlier this year, Tossed begin going cashless, introducing self ordering kiosks across their estate.