Executive insights

1 Sep 20
Mintel offers numbers that chains may consider as it approaches winter.
18 Aug 20
Brody Sweeney talks to QSR Media about their suburban-based model, his views on drone delivery and how sales are 35% ahead during the pandemic...
4 Aug 20
A majority of chains currently do not employ such labels.
26 Jan 21
Co-founder Zack Bishti talks to QSR Media about their approach to product development, expansion plans, and why cloud or satellite kitchens...
25 Jan 21
Casual dining, independents and city centre operators are amongst those hardest hit.
25 Jan 21
Topics include operational set-up, packaging and branding.
19 Jan 21
Figures, UKHospitality says, make the case for the sector to be at heart of reopening plans.
19 Jan 21
The research firm identified three trends the industry should monitor.
17 Dec 20
Aleksandra Traczyk, Solicitor at Winckworth Sherwood offers insights how on business can prepare for the year ahead.
17 Dec 20
All businesses involved have agreed to share carbon reduction plans and initiatives.
9 Dec 20
QSR Media talks to executive chef Steve Mangleshot about working on Wok from Home, and what’s in store for Veganuary.
1 Dec 20
The trade body says the new restrictions place 98% of the UK's hospitality trade in tiers 2 or 3.
24 Nov 20
The new measures will come into place on 2 December, once the national lockdown ends.
13 Nov 20
CEO Edward Alun-Jones reveals more details about their planned subscription service, and elaborates on how they support restaurants amidst a...
3 Nov 20
Des Pheby’s company also signed a deal to bring a crepe concept to the UK.
3 Nov 20
Analysts say the move may pose a heavier economic cost compared to the first one in March.
27 Oct 20
The Canadian chain also explains why they chose to expand in the North first.
8 Sep 20
Some chains opted to extend the deal.
14 Jul 20
Global CEO Imram Sayeed also shared his reasoning why they remained in operation during the shutdown and why it paid dividends.
25 Jun 20
Social distancing is also cut from 2 metres to 1 metre on 4 July.
25 Jun 20
Each scenario addresses the possible path of the virus and performance of the economy.
23 Jun 20
The code acknowledges that landlords “should provide support to those businesses unable to do so”.
17 Jun 20
UKHospitality reiterated the “urgent need for clarity” in order to reactivate workers and resume business.
12 Jun 20
Delivery orders currently account for less than 2% of pub visits.
26 May 20
The plan outlines a gradual approach to easing lockdown through four flexible phases.
26 May 20
A new report highlights “potentially long-lasting” impacts of the andemic on the foodservice sector.
12 May 20
The proposal includes the continuation of the 80% furlough pay until the end of September.
5 May 20
Simon-Kucher & Partners offers its take on how chains can navigate a world after COVID-19.
28 Apr 20
They are now providing customers with 'at home' burger kits.
21 Apr 20
The inquiry will aim to publish its findings by mid-May.
21 Apr 20
Pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants across the UK closed on 20 March.
14 Apr 20
This is despite the fact that it would shorten the life of the foundation.
14 Apr 20
New data from the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index indicates a 12-month low in pricing ahead of major supply chain disruption from the COVID-...
14 Apr 20
The HM Treasury is also urged to abolish the £51,000 maximum rateable value threshold.
7 Apr 20
CEO Michael Pearson talks to QSR Media on the Mexican chain’s next steps.
7 Apr 20
The trade body also urged the Government to ask landlords to use time to renegotiate terms with tenants.
25 Mar 20
Hundreds of High Street businesses are set to withhold their quarterly rent payments to pay staff.
25 Mar 20
Access Hospitality's Katy Hamilton offers practical advice on managing current trade and using time and technology to plan for an uncertain...
25 Mar 20
Peter Backman urged operators to adapt.