Executive insights

24 Oct 17
Here, IGD’s Shopper Insight Manager, Rhian Thomas, takes a look at what shoppers want from their food-to-go purchases beyond food and drink...
17 Oct 17
QSR Media spoke with Crepeaffaire to discuss the brand's footprint, and plans for new products and expansion in the UK and abroad.
15 Aug 17
Find out what Livingbridge advises for a restaurant operator looking to grow.
28 Jul 17
Operators are now tapping into technology to streamline their activities.
20 Jul 17
As uncertainty brought by Brexit sets in, the UK finds itself in turbulence.
4 Jul 17
Starbucks Coffee Company, EMEA, filed accounts for the year ending October 2, 2016.
9 May 17
Following on from the opening of Leon's West End singing restaurant, QSR sat down with Brand and Marketing Director Kirsty Saddler to find out...
24 Apr 17
Following on from the announcement of Telepizza's first UK store, QSR spoke with Giorgio Minardi, International President of Telepizza, about...
18 Apr 17
2017 is going to be a busy one for Subway as they are looking to introduce a raft of new products to freshen up their menu and compete more...
4 Apr 17
Kevin Johnson counts a timepiece from the late 19th century and a book from the early 21st century among his most treasured possessions.
14 Mar 17
Danny Potter, CEO of Ordamo reveals his secrets to embracing the power of customer feedback.
14 Feb 17
Abokado, the leading healthy eating chain, announced its 29th site near Canary Wharf.
8 Nov 16
Customers and staff were struck by the winter vomiting bug.
25 Oct 16
Since opening its doors in Noting Hill in 2004, Hummingbird Bakery has been taken to the capital's heart, riding the cupcake wave and beyond...
17 Oct 16
Earlier this year, Tossed begin going cashless, introducing self ordering kiosks across their estate.
26 Jul 16
The following message from Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman and CEO, regarding personnel changes was distributed to all employees on July 25,...
19 Jul 16
Founded in 2008, Seattle-grown MOD Pizza allows customers to customize their pizzas according to their taste.
22 Mar 16
Following Tossed’s opening of two cash-free takeaway outlets, we caught up with Tossed’s Finance...
7 Feb 16
Almost a year on from Big Fernand's UK debut, we sat down with the Mathieu Durand to explore what lessons they've learned and how they...
1 Feb 16
Following Carluccio’s announcement of the opening of their new concept Via Carluccio’s, we spoke with Chief Executive Neil Wickers...
15 Nov 15
It has been a busy year for Abokado, with four stores being opened since March and plans to bring their total number of outlets to 30 by March-...
9 Nov 15
Signalling their intent with a new grab and go offering, we spoke to Muffin Break General Manager Lisa Brook about what is in store for the Group...
26 Oct 15
Having recently completed funding their 'pie bond', Square Pie is set to expand both their retail and wholesale presence.
20 Oct 15
The fast food chain's turnover rose by £67.5 million to £1.4 billion in 2014, according to figures for 2014.
20 Oct 15
The brand issued its financial report for the period from 29 June 2015 to 27 September 2015.
12 Oct 15
With their recent announcment that they had opened an outlet in Tokyo, we spoke with Asher Budwig, Managing Director of Lola's Cupcakes about...
6 Oct 15
The bakery chain also reported like for like sales growing 4.9% in the 13 weeks to 3 October 2015.
15 Sep 15
The latest report from Whitbread PLC showed that the coffee chain’s total sales grew for the 24 weeks to 13 August 2015.
7 Sep 15
Following the close of Tossed’s much publicised equity crowdfunding, we spoke with Finance Director Neil Sebba to learn more about the raise...
1 Sep 15
A story published by the Telegraph reported on the fast food giant's plan to stay ahead in the UK.
31 Aug 15
In 2014, West Cornwall Pasty Company went into administration before being bought out by private equity.
18 Aug 15
The brand announced that for the year ended 31 March 2015, sales grew 33%.
18 Aug 15
CEO Clive Schlee followed up on a previous blog post about making Pret more vegetarian-friendly.
11 Aug 15
A story published by Reuters quoted analysts saying that the brand was well positioned to attempt a 2016 listing, however later reports poured...
9 Aug 15
Following their recent expansion we sat down with Japanese chain K10 to learn more about the brand, how they made it through the recession with a...
5 Aug 15
Pret CEO Clive Schlee wrote about how the British market is shifting towards vegetarian diets and the brand’s plans to adapt.
3 Aug 15
2015 has seen a renewed push by Australian founded juice chain Boost Juice in the UK.
30 Jul 15
The bakery chain reported total sales reaching £398 million for the 26 weeks ending on July 4th.
30 Jul 15
The pizza chain announced that it made £426.7 million from system sales as part of the results for the 26 weeks ended 28 June 2015.