1 Sep 20
The Argyll St. store features a street-facing counter for customers who prefer to not enter inside the premises.
8 Dec 20
The fast food chain says reducing pollution and harmful emissions is a major priority.
2 Mar 20
The restaurant aims to provide a “more casual dining experience”.
1 Oct 19
The new format uses improved layouts and a modern palette.
20 Aug 19
The chain removed its conveyor belt system earlier this year in a bid to broaden its appeal.
28 May 19
The group plans to refresh at least five more sites.
14 May 19
The Japanese food group seeks to create more opportunities to seat families and groups together YO!
2 Apr 19
The new Oxford Circus site features a ‘theatre kitchen’ at the center.
12 Nov 18
The brand wants to strengthen their image in order to convey their "core attributes".
8 Oct 18
The chain’s upcoming outlet will feature modern and traditional Taiwanese architecture.
8 Oct 18
The restaurant group will also feature a new menu and cocktail list across the country.
2 Oct 18
The new outlet also contains their first ‘restaurant-within-a-restaurant’ dining room concept.
25 Sep 18
The first restaurant to showcase a new look will be Carluccio’s Chester later this month.
11 Sep 18
The site claims to have the longest tea wall in the world.
15 May 18
It has created specially-designed buckets made of bone china to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
1 May 18
The move follows a round of bad publicity over its management of the Canadian chain.
16 Apr 18
It has also announced the commencement of its deposit return scheme trial in Brighton.
26 Mar 18
The new interior reflects the brand’s core Japanese values of ‘Kaizen’, which translates as positive change.
13 Mar 18
The kit includes sniffable patches of chocolate, coffee, red wine, beer and bacon flavours.
13 Mar 18
Design director Michael Sinclair offers his insight into what further design trends will be shaping the hospitality industry in 2018.
6 Mar 18
Chindogu are gadgets to solve everyday issues that aren’t usually thought to be worth solving.
20 Feb 18
It is refreshing its menu, adding build-your-own burgers, and a new range of shakes.
15 Feb 18
Its Stonegate venue will be made into a diner and shop to open in March.
11 Dec 17
At the moment, the wand is only capable of asking the app to make the last order on the user's Just Eat account.
4 Dec 17
It is also celebrating the work of 210 local charities around the country as part of its Cheer for Good initiative.
4 Dec 17
The Selfieccino enables customers’ selfies to be printed on the froth of their cappuccinos with edible food colouring.
28 Nov 17
The limited-edition Liberty Fabrics & S’well bottles feature iconic prints by luxury design house Liberty London Fabrics.
28 Nov 17
It creates 10 new jobs for the area.
14 Nov 17
The calendar will feature Greggs-themed pictures behind each door and a gift card on 24th December.
7 Nov 17
The season’s “cup sleeve” for hot beverages is red with an invitation to “Give Good".
23 Oct 17
It is available on and Forever 21 Oxford Street store for a limited time only.
10 Oct 17
The £337,000 restaurant makeover will create 10 new jobs for the area.
26 Sep 17
It marks a major step in Starbucks commitment to reducing impact on the environment.
21 Sep 17
It will enable users to trigger vocals and beats across 12 buttons without any DJ knowledge.
19 Sep 17
Pret a Manger look set to open a new outlet in Westfield London.
12 Sep 17
The brand’s 99% ethically-sourced coffee is celebrated every September 9th of the year.
5 Sep 17
It will create 20 new jobs for the area.
29 Aug 17
The box was designed for McDonald’s Signature Collection.
25 Oct 16
In collaboration with papercut artist Helen Musselwhite.
18 Oct 16
Dropping the word 'sushi' from the main logo.