Self-awareness as a key ingredient in QSR success

In the context of QSR brands, self-awareness goes beyond mere self-reflection.

Self-awareness as a key ingredient in QSR success

In the context of QSR brands, self-awareness goes beyond mere self-reflection.

Considerations for new entrants to the UK restaurant industry

Despite unique stressors, there have been a marked increases in global franchises entering the UK market.

How tokenisation is changing the face of QSR

Payment security is paramount when handling sensitive information, such as consumer data, across every business area, and the restaurant and hospitality industry is no exception. Between growing concerns over security and changing legislation around compliance (GDPR, PCI DSS), many restaurants and fast-food establishments now rely on tokenisation to secure sensitive information by turning private material - such as payment details - into virtual tokens. So how is tokenisation changing QSR?

Location, location, location: how to find the best property for your restaurant expansion

According to the Local Data Company, overall vacancy rates in Great Britain were at 14.1% in the first quarter of 2022. The pandemic has exacerbated the structural issues which have been impacting the retail real estate sector over the past few years.

Payments 101: How to select the right provider for your business

The rise of online shopping has seen businesses across all sectors change the way their customers engage with them. The past two years in particular have witnessed extraordinary transformation, with retailers forced to dramatically improve their existing eCommerce capabilities due to the pandemic.

In a high-tech world, here's how you can make your deliveries count

Food delivery companies are missing the point by delivering food with no human interaction, argues an industry insider.

Three tips to future proof your QSR business through customer engagement

In a fiercely competitive market, customer engagement has always been a huge differentiator for quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

How fintech will continue to transform franchising in 2022

When you look at the modern world of franchising, the notion of manual cash registers and doing inventory by hand seems very antiquated. Today, franchising moves rapidly with technology engrained into nearly every part of operations. Accelerated by the impact of COVID-19, technology continues to disrupt the way franchisees manage their finances and will only increase as we look to 2022, and as the franchising space becomes progressively more  competitive.

Building a cohesive payment system for franchises

We have seen a degree of standardisation when it comes to payment processes within quick service restaurants (QSRs) since the pandemic.

The payment innovations that will rebuild the QSR industry

It is no exaggeration to say that the years 2020 and 2021 were a bad time for the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry.\

Five tips to help QSRs embrace digital ordering during the COVID-19 crisis

Flipdish CEO Conor McCarthy explains why QSRs should not be daunted by the prospect of turning themselves into digital takeaways during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Act 2020: implications for landlords and tenants

(Editor's Note: The commentary is written by Trethowans associate Linden Talbot. Original article here. Reposted with permission.)

Hospitality tips for managing current trade and preparing to bounce back in the future

Access Hospitality's Katy Hamilton offers practical advice on managing current trade and using time and technology to plan for an uncertain future.

Coronavirus: It's time for operators facing crisis to have the conversation with landlords, HMRC & employees

Gannons Solicitors founder Catherine Cannon advises operators what they need to do.

Milking it: Plant-based milks enter the mainstream

Lincoln and York marketing manager Chris Tough discusses why plant-based milks are no longer just an option for retailers.