Should restaurants embrace high tech?

Technology develops to make things more efficient, and restaurant tech is no different, according to RestoConnection.

Should restaurants embrace high tech?

Technology develops to make things more efficient, and restaurant tech is no different, according to RestoConnection.

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Fever pitch: spicing up menus to maximise summer trade

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Responding to negative restaurant reviews

QSR Automations Content Marketing Specialist Dylan Chadwick offers advice for restaurant operators on how to deal with negative reviews to continue to drive footfall into their venues. Customers usually read online reviews of a restaurant before they visit. The UK’s Bright Local reports that by 2017, 85% of all consumers, regardless of industry, were using reviews to make a decision. Even more tellingly, 94% of UK consumers who check the net for opinions, say online reviews have driven them away from a business. Let’s take a look at the types of review operators can expect and some suggestions for handling them successfully. For restaurant owners, reviews are nothing new. Before the advent of social media and the internet, elite food journalists printed restaurant reviews in newspapers and focused their attention on the high-end eateries and world-famous chefs in big cities. These journalists could make or break an upcoming restaurant, enticing or discouraging diners with their descriptions of the establishment. As such, operators fought hard to please these reviewers, knowing that bad press could cripple their business.