4 May 21
This is “another important step” in the brand’s diversification strategy, its managing director for retail said.
4 May 21
Selected restaurants will switch to dance floors for one night only.
6 Apr 21
The agency also handled the arrival of Slim Chickens to the UK.
5 Apr 21
New pizzas will be launching in various markets across EMENA, Asia and Latin America.
30 Mar 21
Tangent will also be refining LEON’s target audiences through regular evidence-based workshops.
30 Mar 21
The delivery giant will have exposure opportunities such as stadium LED board advertising, as well as exclusive on-site activation experiences...
29 Mar 21
The two-year deal will see the chain able to engage with young audiences in key markets.
23 Mar 21
The move sees the chain bring all of its consumer brand PR under one group.
9 Mar 21
The chain continues its string of sports-related partnerships.
9 Mar 21
The chain wants to refresh its communication with customers.
22 Feb 21
The chain said January marked their biggest month ever of supermarket sales.
9 Feb 21
The sandwich chain stressed its tuna is authentic.
2 Feb 21
Incumbent McCann London has worked with the firm since 2018.
26 Jan 21
It follows reports of sandwiches being seized as they leave the UK.
17 Nov 20
The government earlier announced a six-week long consultation on related proposals.
10 Nov 20
The chain is encouraging customers to support their charities of choice for the event.
26 Aug 20
The PR firm will also handle the opening of new stores and drive new brand partnerships.
7 Jul 20
She has already filmed an ad for the fast casual chain.
3 Mar 20
The ‘Bowl to Soul’ ad took six months to create.
10 Jan 20
The chain has been making headlines for trolling the fast food giant.
3 Dec 19
The pizza chain attributes three quarters of digital sales to its mobile channels.
5 Nov 19
The chain says the promotion was not intended to be ‘insensitive reference’ to historical events.
29 Oct 19
The move comes ahead of the chain’s 25th anniversary.
22 Oct 19
Their messaging positions gyoza as a lunch or dinner alternative.
10 Sep 19
The name change has started in its Richmond branch, which now has a 12ft long sign.
3 Sep 19
Fifty people will win a £1,000-worth Pizza Express gift card.
3 Sep 19
The partnership will make Deliveroo become England’s first sleeve sponsor.
30 Jul 19
It is considered a rare moment of provocation from the Golden Arches.
11 Jun 19
Brunswick nabbed the deal after a client pitch against Tulchan, FTI Consulting and Headland.
3 Jun 19
The edible artwork was made by food artist Carl Warner.
28 May 19
It will use the fund to rollout premium coffee shops in the capital.
21 May 19
The brand previously worked with McCann London.
14 May 19
The campaign focus on capturing the simple joy of ordering a takeaway.
14 May 19
It follows on from a £30m investment from HSBC last March 2018.
9 Apr 19
The sandwich chain is ending its ten-year partnership with McCann London.
20 Mar 19
Tom Watson has written to McDonald’s UK chief executive, calling for the Monopoly promotion to be discontinued.
26 Feb 19
The agency is also tasked to deliver Papa John’s upcoming campaigns.
7 Feb 19
The ad featured a selection of deals from the fast food giant.
27 Nov 18
Three more stores in the capital city are set to open in the coming months.