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Founded in 1964 in Salford, Dinaclass has grown from a regional business to an insight-led market leading brand. From traditional curry, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives with sultanas or without – there’s something for all your customers. Thanks to this winning combination, Dinaclass is now one of the top out of home chip shop curry brands in the UK. With a menu solution for every application, The Dinaclass range provides great taste and even tastier profits.

Unleash the flavour with Chicken Train!

The popularity of chicken is indisputable, with foodservice menu penetration consistently remaining high. Consumers perceive chicken as a staple protein, one that is as familiar as it is craveable. Furthermore, the adaptable nature of chicken, across preparation methods, formats, dayparts, cuisines and flavours, promotes its versatile taste profile on mainstream, as well as trending, products and menu items.

The ideal vehicle for many emerging cuisines and flavours, via sandwiches, tenders, nuggets, wings and meals, chicken offers operators an ideal canvas for menu innovation. Craveability of chicken has been rising, characterised by innovation, and the outlook for chicken remains positive, despite the rise in popularity of plant-based proteins and the COVID-19 challenge of 2020.

Key Consumer Drivers

Chicken is Versatile:  Consumption of chicken across formats and flavours, from nuggets and tenders, to sandwiches and wings, invokes indulgence and craveability.

Healthy Halo: Chicken has a certain healthy image promoting a better-for-you option to consumers.

Demographic Appeal: Preference for chicken is irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, and income level, appealing to all consumers via various cuisines and flavours.

Gateway to Taste Exploration: Chicken is the ideal delivery vehicle for any cuisine and flavour. With adventure and craveability staying high on consumer minds, chicken provides them with unique flavour and texture experiences; from tantalising new heat levels, crispy and creative coatings, to adventurous regional flavours.

Industry Drivers

Mass Consumer Acceptance – Appealing to a wider audience, operators can be assured of the popularity of their chicken menus.

Versatile Protein – Chicken is the most versatile of proteins, adapting to any flavour, enabling the operator to use the same protein across the menu in many different applications and dishes, in addition to many cuisines and types of restaurants.

Formats: Chicken lends itself well across formats, cuisines, dayparts and flavours, to provide operators with an ideal canvas for their unique positioning and product ideas.

Operational Efficiency - There are several building blocks for chicken, such as taste tonalities, smoke and grill flavours, marinades, coatings and seasonings, that operators can mix and match to create winning and trending menu items and product solutions. Whole bird utilisation, encompassing tenders, wings, thighs and breast, is also growing and offering operators more options for menu innovation, while also minimising waste.

Winning with Chicken:  Operators can attract consumers with menu items across all dayparts by innovating across formats – sandwiches, wings, tenders, fried chicken - and flavours, bringing versatility to the offering.

Dinner is a dominant daypart for chicken, however growing occasions include breakfast, lunch, and shareable/snackable appetisers. This brings opportunity to position poultry for new and unexpected uses, as a way to add healthy protein to everything from appetisers and breakfasts to snacks.

The Chicken Train range includes Chicken Train Breaders, Marinades and Seasonings, and Piri Piri Marinades; all developed to help fast food operators create high quality, delicious products quickly and easily. From savoury to extra-hot, you can choose the best variety for your customers. There’s also a lemon pepper seasoning to add extra taste to your breader and a Mil-Dip for extra flavour and a crispier finish.


Breaders and Flavours

With breaded breast/fillet being one of the most regular purchases of chicken, followed by chicken burgers, wings and strips, the breaders and flavours are designed for pressure-frying to create a deliciously crispy even coating.


·         Independent chicken shops need breaders that always give the ultimate crisp and crunch every time.


·         The breader is an important part of the eat for many consumers and is a key part of the reason for choosing.


·         Texture and flavour of the breader is critical – it’s an important part of the eat but is also needed to enhance chicken taste.


Piri Piri Marinades and Seasonings

With seasoning being the most important part of the breader, Chicken Train Piri Piri Marinades have been developed especially for fast food outlets. They provide a delicate and spicy alternative to traditional fried chicken. Easy to use, they can be cooked on the grill to create a lighter, healthier choice for customers, with no need for frying.


Available in six flavours:

- Hot Piri Piri (Gluten-Free)

- Extra Hot Piri Piri

- Piri Piri Seasoning (Gluten-Free)

- BBQ Seasoning

- Base Marinade for more intense flavour

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