21 Jun 19
The cards will be rolled out across major UK retailers over the next 12 months.
17 Jun 19
It will step up its tech hiring spree on software engineers and data scientists.
11 Jun 19
Its features include discounted rates on energy brokerage and reduced rates on training technologies.
28 May 19
Only customers with Samsung phones can access the new dishes.
14 May 19
The chain says this is due to Feed It Back's technology.
14 May 19
The app also freebies such as free sides, drinks and pizza.
14 May 19
The sandwich chain dishes more on the Subcard app’s new ‘Listens’ feature.
30 Apr 19
The chain has been known for delivering Japanese street food and sushi with the system.
30 Apr 19
The service is set to launch in Cambridge and Oxford this summer.
29 Apr 19
The delivery company has been piloting the service in select US cities.
29 Apr 19
The chain also announced it will open its second Express shop.
19 Apr 19
The acquisition builds upon the delivery company’s acquisition of Flyt.
9 Apr 19
Customers will be able to call for drinks directly from the Pisco Sours table.
8 Apr 19
The move is part of its efforts to get riders to switch to eco-friendly alternatives.
2 Apr 19
The acquisition marks Travis Kalanick’s first expansion outside the US.
22 Mar 19
This is a first for the restaurant chain in the city.
21 Mar 19
More people across London will be able to avail of the service this summer.
19 Mar 19
The partnerships signal big news for the delivery platform.
5 Mar 19
A rewards scheme for KFC is also in the works.
5 Mar 19
The report urged the government to support new tech ‘unicorns’.
4 Mar 19
The new option for restaurants is now live in 100 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland.
28 Feb 19
The delivery company just celebrated its sixth anniversary in operations.
26 Feb 19
The food delivery platform will remove all offending restaurants from the platform by May 1.
26 Feb 19
The delivery company is also expanding its hotel partnerships programme.
20 Feb 19
The Japanese street food and sushi chain is offering free DNA tests and a tailored plate plan.
19 Feb 19
Amazon Go outlets use sensors and cameras to track customers, allowing them to be automatically charged once they leave.
12 Feb 19
The competition celebrates the launch of Wasabi’s Home Bento range in Sainsbury’s.
7 Feb 19
The delivery company wants to prioritise the increase of variety of restaurants in their platform.
4 Feb 19
Insights from the brands will be utilised by HGEM to improve their businesses.
4 Feb 19
The restaurant group is determined to focus on customer satisfaction to grow the business.
4 Feb 19
The move is aimed to provide operators "richer" insights and improving accountability.
4 Feb 19
The chain's exclusive partnership with the food delivery company started in November.
31 Jan 19
The bakery chain says the move was driven by the "successful" results in the first three locations.
29 Jan 19
The toolkit is said to be based on the best practices in the takeaway sector.
28 Jan 19
The coffee chain says that this allows them to monitor purchasing behaviour.
22 Jan 19
This will be rolled out globally to all restaurant partners across 13 markets.
12 Jan 19
The news comes months after their comeback in the city.
8 Jan 19
The food delivery platform can now be accessed in the taco chain’s three sites in the capital city.
8 Jan 19
The pizza chain aims to advance their position in the delivery sector.
14 Dec 18
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