23 Aug 19
Slerp was being developed since 2016.
22 Aug 19
Feed It Back services will be rolled out across PAUL’s 37 sites in the UK.
19 Aug 19
The website aims to convey the company's evolution from its previous Ginsters-branded van delivery service.
13 Aug 19
The programme will launch in London and then expand to other parts of the UK.
6 Aug 19
The Woksapp gives staff access to benefits, wellbeing platforms, cycle to work schemes, and more.
1 Aug 19
‘McDonald’s to Go’ in Fleet Street will offer a reduced menu and new packaging.
1 Aug 19
The mobile ordering service is available through the chain’s app.
30 Jul 19
The move comes after a two-year collaboration between the two companies in London.
30 Jul 19
The chain says it looks to introduce more robots in its work force in the future.
23 Jul 19
The supermarket group wants a slice of the £8 billion food delivery market.
23 Jul 19
The company expects to partner with up to ten restaurants for the initiative.
23 Jul 19
The move will give customers direct access to independent data on restaurants’ hygiene standards.
19 Jul 19
The service allows restaurants to purchase cooking ingredients and supplies at reduced prices via deals negotiated by the delivery company.
16 Jul 19
The purchased startup currently feeds over 120,000 people monthly.
15 Jul 19
Both companies will be giving away thousands of free treats throughout the month.
15 Jul 19
A third site by the British-Chinese concept is slated to open later this year.
11 Jul 19
The combined company will serve 120,000 locations.
8 Jul 19
The deal will see Just Eat’s UK customers being able to receive digital itemised receipts directly in their banking app.
2 Jul 19
The partnership brings direct POS integration with restaurant brands, adding operational ease by eliminating the need for separate ordering...
25 Jun 19
Deliveries are available starting at 8am every morning.
21 Jun 19
The cards will be rolled out across major UK retailers over the next 12 months.
17 Jun 19
It will step up its tech hiring spree on software engineers and data scientists.
11 Jun 19
Its features include discounted rates on energy brokerage and reduced rates on training technologies.
28 May 19
Only customers with Samsung phones can access the new dishes.
14 May 19
The chain says this is due to Feed It Back's technology.
14 May 19
The app also freebies such as free sides, drinks and pizza.
14 May 19
The sandwich chain dishes more on the Subcard app’s new ‘Listens’ feature.
30 Apr 19
The chain has been known for delivering Japanese street food and sushi with the system.
30 Apr 19
The service is set to launch in Cambridge and Oxford this summer.
29 Apr 19
The delivery company has been piloting the service in select US cities.
29 Apr 19
The chain also announced it will open its second Express shop.
19 Apr 19
The acquisition builds upon the delivery company’s acquisition of Flyt.
9 Apr 19
Customers will be able to call for drinks directly from the Pisco Sours table.
8 Apr 19
The move is part of its efforts to get riders to switch to eco-friendly alternatives.
2 Apr 19
The acquisition marks Travis Kalanick’s first expansion outside the US.
22 Mar 19
This is a first for the restaurant chain in the city.
21 Mar 19
More people across London will be able to avail of the service this summer.
19 Mar 19
The partnerships signal big news for the delivery platform.
5 Mar 19
A rewards scheme for KFC is also in the works.
5 Mar 19
The report urged the government to support new tech ‘unicorns’.